<aside> 💡 Important Announcement!


Hello Dear Users,

Google Play Store will go through a new configuration regarding app permissions in the near future. It is no longer required to request permissions from users that are not actively used in applications with this new configuration. We have updated APK Generation Wizard where you can manage "Dynamic Permission" so that you can manage your applications in accordance with this rule determined by Google. You can now set 'Dynamic Permissions' for your APK files, and publish on Google Play Store with the permissions you specify. First of all, let's define it for those who do not know the "Dynamic Permission" management.


Dynamic permission is the permissions obtained by asking users if applications need them. Location, storage, microphone, and the camera can be used from these permissions on the Mobiroller platform. However, these permissions need to be added if your application needs them and can explain the reason to Google Play Store. Otherwise, these permissions should not be requested.

For example; Now, if you choose the storage permission option while generating APK, you give the Google Play Store the permission to publish the application 'My end users upload or download the content of pdf, images, documents from my application'. During the review of Google Play Store application publishing, you request to be evaluated according to these technical criteria.

The most important point is that if your end users are not uploading or downloading files, images, pdfs from your application, you should not turn on these permissions. If these operations are not performed in your application, the Google Play Store may reject it for reasons such as 'You cannot show as if there is a function that is not in the application' during the evaluation. For Google Play Store description: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/10477564?hl=en&ref_topic=9877065

<aside> 💡 ❗ Before May 5, 2021, you must set your correct Dynamic Permissions based on your application content and scope. We would like to inform you that you have to update your apps in the Google Play Store by producing a new APK. If you do not update your apps with the correct Dynamic Permission definitions, your applications may remove by Google Play Store.


You can see the definitions and explanations of the Dynamic Permissions requested by the Google Play Store in our new APK Generation Wizard below.



In your application,

If the above operations are performed, you must activate the 'Storage' permission.